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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just some fashion opinions

Linked in and Salesforce IN - Digg and MySpace OUT, duh.
YouTube and Netflix IN - Facebook Video and iTunes TV ShowsOUT.
MPEG4 and open source IN - Flash and proprietary code OUT.

_______ IN _______ OUT

Monday, February 7, 2011

Web Log PDXK Star Date 2011

You know I never liked the word blog. It's like blah, with log. It sounds like a tumor or something you don't really want.

So that is why I will hence forth call this Web Log PDXK. It will focus on whats new with PDXK Productions, social media, video, innovations, tips, tricks, and industry news.

You can subscribe to the feed here to get the all the latest posts however and on whatever device(s) you like. We'll have similar information at Twitter or Facebook if you prefer? The Twitter feed is PDXTV https://twitter.com/#!/pdxktv and facebook is PDXK Productions

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